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Graduate Program, Teaching Assistant

Basic Information

125 Joe Brown Hall

Andrew Simmons received his bachelor's degree in English from Texas A&M University at College Station, with a major focus in rhetorical studies. He received his MA from Texas Tech University in Classics, on a philology track. His current research focuses on the field of Comparative Mythology, the alteration of scholarly approach to it, and the application of a reformed approach to effective pedagogical uses. The re-emergence and recycling of ancient plots and characters in popular culture is evidence of a need for guidance which their stories provide. Myths instruct us in how we should deal with our most trying experiences, including our many rites of passage, from childhood to adolescence, adulthood, married life, and even death. The goal of the scholar of Comparative Mythology should be to distribute what lessons research has revealed about these rites of passage for the betterment of quality of life.

Research Interests:

Research interests include: Comparative Mythology, especially mythology of death and the afterlife; ancient literature in popular culture; ancient literature in video games or virtual reality; Classical military theory and psychology; Comparative Ethnomusicology