The Comparative Literature Fund

     As an alumna or alumnus who shares our perspective on the world and who knows from personal experience the value of our curriculum, we invite you to explore the range of courses we offer and to refamilarize yourself with the quality of research and instruction that our faculty continues to provide. As it has grown over the years, the Comparative Literature Department has added many new faculty members, but we have also been lucky enough to retain outstanding professors whose contributions have defined us.


     We live in what proudly labels itself a global environment, and for comparatists that is more than an empty phrase. In the courses that we offer and the texts that we teach, we embrace globalism not as an abstraction, but as a reality to be recognized and utlized. Our students tell us time and again that this focus on the world at large is what drew them to comparative literature. What they believe that they have achieved after studying with us is some mastery of the state of the world as it exists right now.


     We invite you to support the work of the Department by making a financial contribution to our Georgia Fund. Your gifts will help us in many ways, enabling us to offer our students an even wider range of educational experiences, such as:

  • Host visiting scholars and support invited lecturers
  • Provide scholarships for undergraduate students to participate in study abroad programs
  • Offer travel funds to support graduate student research and conference trips


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     Our Department Fund exists thanks to donations from individuals. Donations can be made by personal check or, for University employees, the payroll deduction program. All gifts are tax deductible.

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     We thank you for your continued and vital support. Your contributions help shape the growing future of the department.